Re: [stella] Reflex Update (source and binary)

Subject: Re: [stella] Reflex Update (source and binary)
From: "Aaron" <stella-receiver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 12:54:25 -0400
Lee Fastenau said:
> Hello all,
> I've made some serious headway in Reflex development over the last month or
> so.  The two major changes are:
> 1) Revamped "paddle english" code.  The ball reacts differently to the edges
> of the paddle as one might expect... But it's a delta of the reflected exit
> velocity versus a fixed exit velocity.  (Just play with it and please tell
> me how much you hate it!)

Great!  It makes the game much more interesting.

> 2) Varying screens/levels!  Hit Reset to start the game at level 1... hit it
> repeatedly to cycle through the 20 __test__ levels included.  Once the ball
> starts moving, hitting reset returns to level 1 and starts a new game.  I
> realize there are some timing issues here... particularly on a real console,
> I found it difficult to hit reset multiple times and then grab the joystick
> quickly enough before the ball went into play.  I also want to implement
> "start game on joystick button press" but we'll see...

It's very difficult to pick out a level you'd like to play, since the game
starts once you look at one for more than a second.  I would definitely change

> Right now, the ball increases velocity after every 20 paddle hits (I think).
> Anyway, it's some arbitrary number at this point and I'll do some serious
> game-balancing and fine-tuning later.  I just quickly coded that part to
> help make playing this alpha more fun.

Seems ok.  At least, I was usually finishing the levels before it got too
fast.  That's not to say I didn't die a lot even when it was moving slowly

One other thing, I liked the score graphics in the older versions better.  You
know, where zero was smaller than the other numbers?  It looked cool.

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