Aw: [stella] 2nd Annual Stella Programmer's Contest

Subject: Aw: [stella] 2nd Annual Stella Programmer's Contest
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 06:40:26 -0400
Hi there!

> Okay guys, I have a surprise for you.

Whoa, cool! :-)


After reading the rules, I'm just wondering wether you are encouraging the use
of inline ASM in the Batari BASIC category? (Yes, I read "Contestants must
have never published a homebrew game before.", I'm just curious as how to
interprete "Overcoming known Batari BASIC limitations")

Also, for the main category, how about this: "The game must not be able to run
from a regular cartridge."

Considering someone wrote a 4K game making use of the SC extra RAM
capabillities and on some future day someone else comes up with a funky BS
design allowing to run the game (with few modifications) from cartridge, would
this be considered a "regular" cartridge?

Before I forget: Once you'll post news about the contest in the Homebrew
forum, I'll make it a sticky asap :-)


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