Re: [stella] bBasic feature requests

Subject: Re: [stella] bBasic feature requests
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 10:20:35 -0400
Glenn, it might make sense to keep most discussion along these lines
in the AtariAge forum.  batariBASIC is, usually, a different beast
than what's mostly on the [stella] list. (And not that anyone would go
back and read all the old stuff but I think most of the stuff you
mention has been brought up)

> 45 playfield:
> %0100001011010000101101000010110100001011
> %1111111101000010110100001011010000101100
> %1111111101000010110100001011010000101100
> %0000000001000010110100001011010000101100
> ect...
> end
> Otherwise it makes it very inefficient to lay out a
> playfield because your code has to draw it
> programmatically one block at a time.

It is kind of inefficient, and I believe Fred has said something like
this is on his todo. One work around for knowing what to draw is to
use this tool I hacked togther quickly:
Ideally it would be some kind of variation on my "playerpal" but this
can get the job done.

> Now obviously these things can be accomplished with
> straight assembly.  But I think that the core
> convenience functions should have enough richness to
> it to maximize what the built-in kernel provides.

Actually there's been a lot of talk (and some work I think!) of
allowing different kernals.
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