Subject: RE: XML/XSL and ASP/IIS
From: "Britt, James" <james.britt@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 08:27:48 -0700
> Nice idea - 
> how do you get access to the querystring parameter in the XSL 
> file?? - USe
> the ASP Request Object? and use this in the XSL file?

Exactly. It's not really an XSL file, but an ASP file pretending to be an
XSL file.
So, inside the file, you have whatever valid ASP code you like.

> Also i would probably use something like
> 	strValue = oXMLDOMNode.transformNode(stylesheet &
> "?locale=brazil&language=port")

In this case yuo could simply have 
	stylesheet = "MyDynamicXsl.asp"
and not bother with the facade. The XMLDOM object doesn't care, as long as
gets retrived is XSL.

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