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Subject: RE: substring()
From: "WorldNet" <csgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:41:22 -0500
> A stupid question, perhaps, but what's a diactrical? I looked it up in a
> couple of online computer-term dictionaries, but couldn't find it.  Thanks

A diactrical is a spelling error. The correct term is diacritical, that is,
definitively speaking, a diacritical mark, being a 'mark' added to a letter
to distinguish it from another of similar form as an assistive indicator of
phonetic pronunciation.

Consider é as such a diacritical mark without which most stupid Americans
could never spell the word résumé correctly, which they refuse to do anyway,
regardless of the correct spelling existing in any dictionary, preferring
instead to use the homonym resume and getting the job in spite of the fact
that they have demonstrated that they are illiterate and lazy. But they are
'nice' illiterates! ;-)

Diacritical marks are important to those who need to focus on
'internationalizing' their documents.

Clinton Gallagher
NET cpio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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