Problem in displaying & in XML node

Subject: Problem in displaying & in XML node
From: Hari Yerram <yerram@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:48:10 -0400
In ASP page i was restoring the fields if the user is not entered all
the fileds. I am putting the values in XML nodes and i am referring it
from XSL.

please look the following code.

            email = "" + Request("email");

            sError = "<ERROR TYPE='Email_Info'>";
            sError += "<Subject>";
            sError += subject;
            sError += "</Subject>";
            sError += "<Email>";
            sError += email;
            sError += "</Email>";
            sError += "</ERROR>";

The Problem is If i have '&' (ampersand) character in my XML node it is
displaying the following error.

Error reading XML Data
Line: 1 Pos: 504
A name was started with an invalid character.

Is there a way to resolve it?

Any help is appreciated.

I tried with using VBScript. I attached an event procedure and in the
event procedure i am checking character and if it is '&' i am cancelling
the keystroke.
I used onkeypress() event.

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