Accessing the document-URL

Subject: Accessing the document-URL
From: "Jan Misker" <jan@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 02:22:59 +0200

Wouldn't it be VERY handy to have the URL of the XML-document 
available in the stylesheet for that document?
It would enable you to switch between styles, using the query-part 
(the part after the ?). Maybe this can be done using scripting, but 
maybe it can be available through some standard xsl function??
In this case you could use ONE data-source (the xml), and a lot of 
styles in just one document, using some linking to access all the 

Any other mechanism to associate a xml-document with a 
stylesheet (instead of the current <?xml-stylesheet>) would suffice, 
and is (I think) absolutely necessary.


Jan Misker

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