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Subject: RE: Leventhal's response...
From: "WorldNet" <csgallagher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:25:57 -0500
> I suggest that creating either CSS or XSL by hand is a passing phase for
>the majority of people, so any perception about ease of writing or reading
>will become irrelevant in time.
> Tony Graham                            mailto:tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Mulberry Technologies, Inc.      

As a graduate architect who used to primarily draw to make money for others
before 'they' changed the laws to keep people with advanced computer skills
out of the profession as independents...

I have to agree with Tony Graham yet point out a fallacy he makes.

While it may in fact be shown to be true that in time IDE (Integrated
Development Environment) tools e.g. 'Authoring' will in fact make their
way into the market for those who are not as technically skilled this
will not change the fact that developmental technologies are and will
remain a moving target. Nor does it address the shortcomings of any
specific IDE in any of one's released iterations to address the
objective value of the tool itself. Similarly Graham's presumed outcome
cannot account for the dumbed-down user's need to modify that which
needs to be modified when and where needed.

This borne out by my experience suggests to me that I need to continue
becoming as adept as possible using the technologies so I may remain
employable and ultimately able to pay my telephone bill so I can pontificate
that which I really have no power to change but for the effort to make my
small voice heard. Maybe.

I see the technology bar raising higher and higher. This is not a bad thing
in and of itself. I accept this as a personal and professional
challenge. It should be noted however as a relevant tangent that the United
Snakes is in fact a fascist nation whose corrupt rulers when paid will make
laws preventing the hard working and more technically astute within the
population from employing themselves in a manner to use such hard work to
bargain for the higher rates of revenue that their sycophant managers will
use corruption to retain for themselves.

Be forewarned. The 'dummy' is a nasty animal and the sycophant is its

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