RE: understanding trees

Subject: RE: understanding trees
From: Andre Halama <halama@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 13:03:01 +0200
thanks for all your responses, they helped clear up a lot of my problems.

the one thing i couldn't get straight yet is one of the question that is
also in the spec (6.1.1):
'Is the parent of an attribute node the element that the attribute is on?'
i processed one of my xml-files with both tony's stylesheet and
cranesoftwright's showtree and they both showed my attributes as children
of the elements they are associated with.
so, is this the answer or is michael right in saying 'They have a
relationship/association with the containing element but it is not the
"child" relationship.'?

hope this discussion isn't too annoying,


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