Karey's Introduction to the group

Subject: Karey's Introduction to the group
From: KAREN_LEICHEL@xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:51:05 -0500
For the last couple of days, I have been  getting messages about XSL from you
and have been enjoying the ones I can understand.

I recently went to Jon Bosak's class on XML and was there as a guest of the
Army. They are really interested in getting into XML, but if they do it the same
way they've gone about SGML, it will be a fiasco. (The current DTD we are using
at United Defense is just under a thousand tags long, and it really doesn't use
the more complicated, powereful features of SGML. I suspect their "experts" that
wrote it didn't have a total understanding of SGML.) I'm trying to learn the
proper way to do this so that maybe I can head off some of the inevitable

I realize now, from some of the discussions, why Jon said that "stylesheets" is
a misnomer for what XSL is capable of. I'm really excited about following up on
it even if my company is too conservative to embrace it at this time. It will
eventually have to if the Army says so.

On my notes from the class, I have James Tauber written and a box around it
which is my way of emphasizing it. Unfortunately, I did not then comment on why
I did this. Any clue what he might have said about you, James?

Also, I got Tommy Usdin's name at www.mulberrytech.com as an excellent trainer
in XML--I did make a note by this one. Could I get further information on this?

Thank you for your time and your great discussions!

Karey Leichel
United Defense 

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