RE: Building the "World's Largest Portal" with XML

Subject: RE: Building the "World's Largest Portal" with XML
From: regan@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:53:49 -0700
Since I got it to and I don't think I have ever written a useful sentence on
either list, she must be just sending it to all posters. I thought it was a
mildly creative angle. (I also got a laugh out of it, recruiters just crack
me up.) 
If anyone takes the job let us know how it goes!


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> At 8:55 AM -0400 6/17/99, Jeff Langdon wrote:
> >FYI...
> >
> >Did anybody else get this annoying solicitation?
> >
> >Is this person just pulling names off the mailing lists?
> >
> >Please excuse the cross posting
> >
> I got it too. Given the way it was worded, I thought it was a 
> more specific
> solicitaion from somebody who'd read my book but I guess not. 
> I'll dump it
> in the recycle bin with all the other recruiter spam. (And recruiters
> wonder why I don't want to deal with them and insist on 
> dealing only with
> principals...)

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