Re: XSL competition canceled

Subject: Re: XSL competition canceled
From: "James Tauber" <jtauber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 02:51:29 +0800
First of all, I would like to publicly thank Jon Bosak, not only for his
work in getting XML started in the first place but his continuing insistance
that XML not be locked in middleware but realise its "full potential" for
internationalised media-independent non-proprietary publishing systems.

Secondly, this seems an appropriate time to announce here something that I
have already said to many people privately as well as publicly at the WWW8
Developers' Day, namely that FOP, my own attempt at helping to realise the
publishing potential of XML, will shortly be released open source.

The cynics amongst you are probably thinking "well, he can't win the money,
so he'll now make the source available". The fact is that I always intended
FOP to be open source. While the Sun/Adobe "bounty" did raise questions
about whether to reveal my "secrets" (and this poses interesting questions
about paying for open source development generally), the principal reason I
haven't released the source to date is a shyness about my own (lack of)
programming ability.

Enough people have privately convinced me that people criticising my code
will *improve* my programming ability more that it will crush my confidence
and so, later today, I will release the source for 0.6.4 of FOP at

I look forward to some of you having the time and patience to help me make
the FOP code better.


James Tauber

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