From: Mark Edwards <medwards@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 16:53:22 +0100

Firstly the cards go on the table - I have been laboring under a cloud for a 
while now with a problem that I would be the first to admit probably stems 
from a lack of understanding of the basic concepts of XML and XSL, but I have 
got to the stage where I need some help solving this one. What makes it so 
irritating is that it's probably been asked before and is probably easy to 

I have a requirement to generate HTML from an XML document and an XSL 
stylesheet. I am using James Clark's XP and XT for the transformation.

I simply need to be able to place some code in either the DTD or the XSL that 
allows me to generate entities such as &nbsp; in my HTML. I don't appear to be 
having problems with any other entities - yet, but the &nbsp; entity solution 
seems to have eluded me so far. I do not want to have to put any special 
characters in the XML to handle this, only to modify the XSL. I have tried 
<![CDATA[ blocks ]]> and <!ENTITY definitions "in the DTD"> to get around 
this, but nothing seems to work. I just keep on getting &amp;nbsp; in my HTML 
and its wearing me a little thin.

If a resident guru has a few microseconds to spare maybe I could impose on 
their time to help out with this one. I would be _most grateful.

Best Regards,

Mark Edwards.

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