Re: Can XSL be used for code generation in Compilers?

Subject: Re: Can XSL be used for code generation in Compilers?
From: Niclas Hedhman <niclas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:45:11 +0800
NO. Firstly, you can not represent the intermediary code of a 'any' compiler as a
XML document, but you can write a compiler that uses XML to represent the
intermediary code. If the XML structure is VERY carefully designed, it would
probably be possible to write XSL stylesheets to generate a CPU/Plattform specific
result tree, that a _specialized_ formatter would output to either Assembler text
or machine code.

But to me it sounds like crossing the river to get water...


S Manimaran wrote:

> Hi,
>         If we can represent the intermediate code during a compiler pass
> as a XML document, can then XSL be used to generate assembly code? i.e Is
> it possible to write a XSL stylesheet for each machine architecture
> (Pentium, SPARC etc.,) so that the assembly code for each of this
> architecture is generated as the output when the intermediate code
> converted to XML document is given as input to a XSL engine ?
> Thanks,
> -S.Manimaran,
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