Re: XSL FO DTD problems

Subject: Re: XSL FO DTD problems
From: Paul Grosso <pgrosso@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:05:53 -0500
At 13:49 1999 06 25 -0700, Rick Geimer wrote:
>Is it my imagination, or is the DTD for XSL formatting objects (from the
>following URL) an invalid XML DTD?
>I tried parsing it with the XML parser in IE5, and IBM's XML4C parser,
>and neither one accepted. However, it seems to be a valid SGML DTD.

You are right that it is an SGML DTD, not an XML DTD.  At this stage
(given that we don't yet have XML schemas and SGML DTD's are more
powerful that XML DTDs), this seemed to be the best way to express
what we needed to express.  This DTD is *not* meant to be used in
any specific way (e.g., in an implementation), it was merely the most 
convenient expositional tool the editors had at their immediate disposal.

>Does anyone know if there is a valid XML version of this DTD, or if
>there are plans to updated it for XML compliance?

It appears to me there are four logical choices:

1.  leave it as an SGML DTD,
2.  convert it to an XML DTD and lose useful information,
3.  use something other than an XML or SGML DTD,
4.  just delete the whole thing from the spec.

I don't know what the editors will decide to do.
(My preference is option 1, but I'm only one voice.)


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