Subject: RE: XSLT vs JSP
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:10:47 -0400
HI Chuck,

Chuck said:
xml and xsl seem to me, since they are more limited in scope than sgml
and dsssl, to be easier.  I don't think it's gone far enough in
simplification, but it's easier.

If you disagree with my first sentence above, could you give me the
intention for usage, for sgml & dsssl?

Didier says:
Yes SGML and DSSSL can be used for document publication (document encoding
and formatting). Saying that XML is more limited in scope and is a SGML
subset is also true. Saying that xsl is more limited in scope than DSSSL is
not true. XSL and DSSSL differ mostly by:
a) their respective syntax
b) XSL uses a different type of rule and like Ken says, xsl uses a rule by
example (you show what you want) and DSSSL uses procedural constructs. When
used in the context of XML to HTML transformation, we can say that obviously
XSL is more accessible than DSSSL for those who know well HTML. When XSL is
used with XSL formatting objects, now, both DSSSL and XSL share the same
level of difficulty. The other major difference where we can say that XSL
has an easier access than DSSSL is because XSL has JavaScript has its
expression language. For those used to classical procedural languages,
JavaScript is easier to grasp than a scheme based expression language.
However, when the expression language is not used in both languages and that
formatting objects are used, both languages share the same level of
difficulty. It is therefore false to say that XSL scope is less than DSSSL.
It is similar.

Didier PH Martin

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