RE: XSL, XT, and ruined well-formed HTML

Subject: RE: XSL, XT, and ruined well-formed HTML
From: Kay Michael <Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 11:45:35 -0000
> As for what you're saying as far as Saxon goes... I would 
> assume that that
> would have the same problems that I'm complaining about 
> (whether or not I
> want it to behave as the spec recommends :-).  Unless of 
> course, Saxon would
> support the iso-8859-1 (or whatever) spec that I have read 
> seems to preserve
> the &nbsp's as I want them preserved.

Saxon makes its own set of choices about how to represent the output, it
conforms to the spec but the spec leaves a lot of things for implementors to
decide. I suspect the output you are looking for is reasonably close to what
Saxon will give you if you specify <xsl:output method="xml"
encoding="iso-8859-1"/>. However, XML output from Saxon will never contain
symbolic entity references such as &nbsp; or &eacute;, you will always get
either actual iso-8859-1 characters, or numeric character references. It
uses entity references such as &nbsp; in HTML output, but its HTML output
will not be well-formed XML.

Mike Kay

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