Re: XSLT Programmers Reference

Subject: Re: XSLT Programmers Reference
From: Rhonda Fischer <rhonda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 00:34:45 +0000
I've really appreciated this mailing list and have enjoyed to invest
time reading questions and answers pertaining to xsl. It's certainly
aided my learning. I have also particularly appreciated M's knowledge
on the subject and assistance with my questions. I'm keen to get
a hold of his XSLT Programmers Reference. Although I am disappointed
that I will have to wait up to three months for delivery to Australia
and the the RRP is around the $70 mark.  I must admit that I thought
$19.99 was an absolute steal, apparently so.

Looking forward to a good read, eventually...

Best Regards

Paulo Gaspar wrote:

> I also noticed that one.
> Putting together M's messages, it could be interpreted as "thanks for
> helping
> me knowing what I should put in the book but now you must BUY!".
> Talking about marketing pressure huh?
> =;o)
> Well, it looks as a must buy to me anyway. A book is still faster than a
> mailling list when it delivers the goods.
> Have fun,
> Paulo Gaspar
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> I'd better get over there then and get a copy if M is only going to refer to
> pages in his book ;-))
> hippety hop.
> > are claiming to be able to lay their
> >hands on it in 3-7 days - not sure whether thats
> >realistic or not (they say 'usually').
> >
> >Its cheaper too :) (no idea why)
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