RE: Puzzled by the XT and MSXML result.

Subject: RE: Puzzled by the XT and MSXML result.
From: Andrew Kimball <akimball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 00:20:05 -0700

This is a bug in MSXSL (which should be fixed for the next web release).
The reason your stylesheet does not work as desired under XT is:

1. Your <apply-templates/> call selects all children of the root, regardless
of name or type.

2. One of these children is the document element <document>, which has a
default namespace of "";.

3. You have a match pattern of "document" in your stylesheet, but this will
only match document elements having a null URI.

4. XT correctly does not apply that template rule, and instead applies the
built-in template rules, which is why you're seeing a text dump of your
input document.


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