PassiveTex Problem

Subject: PassiveTex Problem
From: Sydney <moisi_fr@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 09:32:12 +0200 (CEST)

I'm a trainee, I have some problem with XML to produce
PDF with XSL-FO.
First I use FOP but there is a few FOs implemented, so
someone in this list, tells me using PassiveTex

1) Installation Problem

I have Miktex 1.2 under Win98 as Tex System, when I
make pdflatex test.tex
test.tex is like this
\input xmltex.tex

I have this in my log file.
! LaTeX Error: File `rotating.sty' not found.
! LaTeX Error: File `ulem.sty' not found.
! LaTeX Error: Unknown option `normalem' for package

I don't understand those errors because I have
downloaded all zip files(22Mb) of the MikTex 1.2

2) PassiveTex and FOs Problem

a)How to put a background image in each page?
I have tried
<fo:block background-image="bgline.jpg'"
<!-- Other blocks -->
Is it possible?

b)How fo:float work?
I want 2 paragraph to be opposite each other, so I use
fo:float. One in the left margin, the other in the
right of the margin.
How to do this with or without fo:float?
Is it implemented in PassiveTex?

c)Management of margin.
I have a lot of fo:block with margin-left attribut for
instance margin-left="200px".
But in the PDF there is no margin, so is it
implemented in PassiveTEx or is there another syntax.

d)Attribute space-after.optimum
Here is the error.
        0:space-after.optimum = "0.4cm"  >
! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).
Which are the legal unit?

e)Is fo:inline-sequence implemented?

I know there is a lot of question, but if you can
answer to one or more, you will help me very much.
Pardon for my bad english.

Sydney, a french trainee in a Belgium company.

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