RE: newbie How to use "xsl:counter"

Subject: RE: newbie How to use "xsl:counter"
From: "Brian Mulder" <mulbum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 21:29:21 +0200
-Oh. Unfortunately this stuff isn't conformant with the XSLT Rec of December
-1999, and so isn't really very well supported on this list.

-Unless someone else jumps in for you, maybe the MS guys can suggest what to
-do to get support for this early developer's release (now deprecated), or
-how you can usefully upgrade to something closer to what we know. As time
-goes on, you'll have more and more trouble getting help with the old IE5.

-Hope that helps (and thanks to Jonathan Marsh for being proactive here on

-Till next,

Thanks Wendell,

well i got the msxml 3 preview running and still looking how
work. being a simple windows coder (Delphi/VB), i'll have to adapt to the
asynchronous way of template matching and parsing that to present some data
in various ways........

thanks so far, also to the other participants, i'm going back to the drawing
and try to get some grip on this stuff......doing some reading when the
shipment about 4 weeks :O(

it's fun and i'll probably end up here the next time


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