Re: XSL and xml entities that need to be translated

Subject: Re: XSL and xml entities that need to be translated
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 05:16:11 -0700
>You have the option of
> xsl:import and xsl:include to bring templates into the stylesheet,
> but that's it and even their utility is limited. You also have the
> option of using the document() function to access source trees
> defined by multiple XML documents.
> I'm still not clear on exactly what you're trying to do, though.

we are a large shop and we need a way of letting multiple content editors
create and edit the content of a site.  We are creating
user-friendly/wysiwig tools that read and write XML/XSL.  We have chosen XML
as our breaking point between client-side and server-side development
efforts.  We are trying a modular structure so many people could possibly be
working on the same page, just different screen sections. Screen sections
are represented by DIVs (4th gen +), TDs (3rd gen +) and rect(l,t,r,b) (Macr
Director).  In each screen section we would place the results of an XSL

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