re: Netscape Support for XSL

Subject: re: Netscape Support for XSL
From: "Altucher, Rita" <rita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 10:55:36 -0400
To whom it may concern:

Using Internet Explorer (5.0), which is my default brower, I have
successfully applied XSL to my XML documents using the namespace.  I also used a DTD file.

I tried using Netscape with my current setup but I noticed that after I
entered the path to my XML file in the location text box at the top of the
Netscape window, Netscape wanted to open the XML file in C:\temp rather than
in the directory that I specified.  Also, rather than using Netscape to do
the open, a message was posted indicating that iexplore.exe would be used to
open the XML file.   I was given a choice to select "Open" or "Save to
disk".  Selecting "Open" caused an Internet Explorer window to be displayed
in addition to the Netscape window.  When I moved my DTD and XSL files to
C:\temp (where the XML file was relocated to), the XML file was processed by
XSL and I got the results that I wanted.  The problem is that these results
were only obtained because:
(1) I moved my DTD and XSL files after I found out where the XML file would
be copied to and 
(2) Internet Explorer did the processing, not Netscape.

My question are: 
(a) What support does Netscape (4.61) provide for XSL and what changes need
to be made to my XSL, DTD and XML files?  
(b) What happens if a user does not have Internet Explorer for Netscape to
rely on?

Thank you for your attention,
Rita Altucher

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