Re: Another question on ÄäÖöÜü

Subject: Re: Another question on ÄäÖöÜü
From: Daniel Hinz <Daniel.Hinz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:32:23 +0200
Character Encodings seem to cause a lot of confusion with people.

Remember when you process in Java, all your data in memory
is in Unicode. When writing out to external systems (like your
fs), you tell your Writers which specific encoding  (the bit patterns
used to store individual characters) to use.

Some of this encoding stuff is buggy in JDK 1.x, so you might want to write
your own ;-)  Most of it works though. See the io package.

So, this means, that if u use xt, u can grab it's output and convert it into

any encoding you like.

I hope this helps.


ps: xt rocks.

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