XSL outputting HTML from an XML source

Subject: XSL outputting HTML from an XML source
From: Ariel Garza <g@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 11:04:23 -0700
I have been looking for a good template language and I like the XSL/XML
combination very much but I have a problem.  In order to have a generic
template language I need the ability for a piece of XML to look like:

This is a generic piece of content that a content person wants to have
<B>dynamic bold</B> in.

I dug around through the list archives and found some threads relating
to this but am having trouble with a workaround.  Some people said that

...wants to have &lt;B&gt;dynamic bold&lt;B&gt; in.

would give the desired result of the XSL template spitting out the HTML
as HTML but that just shows up as though the less-than and greater-than
signs had been escaped (In other words, Netscape just prints out
<B>dynamic bold</B> without evaluating the tags).  Is there a way to
include HTML on the fly, not knowing where in the tree it is and have
the XSL stylesheet output it as though it were HTML and not text? If I
use straight <B></B> tags in XML, is there a way to have a stylesheet
interpret all <B></B> tags automatically?  Any help would be greatly

Ariel Garza

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