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Subject: Re: Transformation Format
From: "David Halsted" <halstedd@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 08:38:19 -0400
You can transform an XML document into a document in RTF; Word and several
other widely-used word processors can read this (and if your users are using
Internet Explorer on a machine that has Word installed, the RTF will pop up
in a nice little plug-in).  You can transform into many other formats as
well, including PDF and documents for wireless devices.

Dave Halsted

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Subject: Transformation Format

> hi
> i remark that most of the XSL Transformation consist
> of transforming XML document in HTML document,
> i 'ld like to know which are the others common format
> Transformation or Formatting we can obtain using an
> XML document as source document
> For example can we transform XML document into Word
> format ?
> thanks
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