Re: nested block elements in xml -> html

Subject: Re: nested block elements in xml -> html
From: RSuiter@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 14:57:36 -0500
Dan Morrison wrote:
>Michael Beddow wrote:
>> But in html, the new ol block
>> element
>> implicitly closes the p element, so that the browser
>> in effect rewrites to
>> <p class="myclass">
>>   Text before list
>> </p>  <<=============== !!!!

>I don't get it. This result is not a product of an XSL processor, right?
>The view-source in the browser does not actually show the (invalid) html
>you illustrated?
>It just displays 'as if' there was a </p> there, if I understand your
>use of the word 'effectively'.
>I'm guessing your problem is a layout/browser one, rather than an
>XSL/Syntax one.
>So which is the browser?
>Netscape, which has a habit of dropping out of styles at every level of
>nesting it can, or IE, which 'effectively' throws <p>s around everything
>it finds?


I think Dan got it right.
I'd try changing the <p class=...> to <div class=...> and close the div
where the last </p> was. [untested]

Rick Suiter

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