Sending this again: Never was posted. Setting up some control data / "meta"?

Subject: Sending this again: Never was posted. Setting up some control data / "meta"?
From: "Brian Burridge" <brian_burridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 09:27:43 -0400
Ok, I hope I'm not reinventing the wheel. I've read so many XML/XSL
documents in the past month that my head is spinning, but I'm
quite sure I haven't learned it all, and I could have missed this

Anyway, what I want to do is add some control data in my xml document
that my xsl document can use to control the look of the
page. For example, when the users selects my document, they can choose
to see a project list for all teams or a specific team. Then
in the XSL I want it to look and see if they selected ALL or a specific
team. If a specific team, then there is no point in displaying the
team column, because every row will be the same team. If the user
selected ALL, then I want to display the team column so each
row shows which team it belongs too.

I added this to the top of my XML document:

and then my projects begin:

  <title>test title</title>

My style sheet is working fine to display all the projects, but I added
this if statement to the team column:
   <xsl:if test="team=ALL">
    <td><xsl:value-of select="team" /></td>

It doesn't work, of course, because it thinks I'm referring to the
"team" in the projects node, but I want to test the "team" in the meta

Does that make sense? How do I select the value of one field from a
different node I am processing? And, I hope this is the long
solution for something even easier.

Thanks for your help.

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