how do I include and select parts of other files?

Subject: how do I include and select parts of other files?
From: juggy@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 04:31:33 +0200
Hi there,

I know I just sent a huge file, but I got another idea:
All I basically want to do is to
1.) have a XML
2.) have a XSL
3.) on the server and create HTML from it

Now, I gotta do some simple reports (just look at my previous 
posts). I want to offer a multilanguage version, so I need to know 
how to
1.) call a ASP or such file with a parameter that selects which 
language I want
2.) have a language file (XML), a XML and a XSL file from which, 
depending on the parameter, the appropriate language is selected 
and put into the right place.

Can anyone give me a BRIEF simple example? I tried the doc and 
searched newsgroups etc, but I didn't find any easy, suitable 
examples for this. And I am told to present something really quick, 
so since I don't want to show up with crap, I want to have a good 
solid basic concept.

I'd appreciate very much if anyone had the time to tell me about 
this, or point me to a place where I find examples for this case - 
examples like SHAKESPEARE and THE BIBLE are little too hard 
for me.



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