dealing with CDATA (was dealing with CDATA on the client-side)

Subject: dealing with CDATA (was dealing with CDATA on the client-side)
From: eric@xxxxxxxxx (Eric Costello)
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 13:29:18 -0500
Hello all,

First time poster here.

What do I need to do to keep an XSL transform in an MS XMLDOM environment
from converting < and > in a CDATA node to &lt; and &gt;?

Using Microsoft's XMLDOM object on the server side to transform an XML file
with an XSL file and output HTML to the browser, I run into the same problem
as Matt Haughey: CDATA comes through the transform with < and > converted to
&lt; and &gt;. Here is the relevant section of his previous post to this
list (which mentions a client side occurrence of this problem, but the
problem is identical on the server):

    <![CDATA[this is a <a href=">test link/a>]]>

applying XSL on the client-side leaves unparsed HTML sitting in the text,
so it looks like this in a browser:

this is a <a href=">test link/a>

instead of

this is a test link  (test link being a hyperlink to yahoo in this example)

Now to get around this, on the server-side, we've been doing search and
replaces on &lt; and &gt; characters, and replacing them with < and > to
produce parse-able HTML when sent to the client.

Replacing the &lt; and &gt; characters with < and > is a solution that I am
using along with Matt, but it seems pretty kludgey to me. IS there something
I should be doing in my code that would preserve the characters as they are
in the CDATA? Or is this normal and uncorrectable behavior that I need to
code around?


Eric Costello

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