RE: my output just contains xsl code

Subject: RE: my output just contains xsl code
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 17:31:33 +0100
Bob wrote:
>... with xt at least, if you give it the parameters in the
>wrong order (stylesheet then input file instead of vice versa) it outputs
>the stylesheet's contents. 

Are you sure you didn't get the input document back? (Or rather, what
should have been the input document, i.e. the source XML file?)

I've seen this too. It follows the same logic that someone (Jeni?)
explained before: when there is no recognized namespace declared in the
stylesheet, the processor naturally takes the whole thing to be a Literal
Result Element As Stylesheet (XSLT 2.3 for you spec readers), and
faithfully outputs it -- without doing any XSL processing since it doesn't
see any. When your arguments are reversed, this is of course what the
source document seems to be.

The trick is always: if you get your stylesheet back (or some other file
altogether), check (a) whether your processing arguments are correct, and
(b) whether your namespace is correct. That's why, seeing the correct
namespace, everyone asked "what processor are you using and how are you
invoking it?" (hint hint). People on this list are smart.

But I'll admit, I was stumped cold for a while when I saw that source
document coming back at me....


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