RE: multilanguage support easily or including xml data dynamicall y

Subject: RE: multilanguage support easily or including xml data dynamicall y
From: juggy@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 12:25:20 +0200 (MEST)
I am not quite sure what you mean. This is what I can think of:
1.) You think I am eating up your time - or Mikes, at least I really DO
think he is a wizard at XSL - unnecessarily. Then I am really sorry about
this. If this list is not the right place for that, please point me to a XSL
list for newbies, 'cause that's what I am, and I won't try this again.
2.) It is - or at least was, thanks to the many submissions concerning
documentation - very hard to get some info on XSl and XML. The only thing I
found was a beginners guide on XML which only inadequately deals with XSL, and
for the part is does is mainly focused on IE5. Now, I already - as you an
see in my previous posts - found ways to solve the problems I have. But I only
got IE-specific rough (SS JScript) Methods - which don't even work due to a
reproduceable bug - to do so, and from observing this list I gathered that
are really cool and elegant ways to do it better.
3.) Concerning my question for documentation: I am a student and do not
have the money to just buy some doc for $100 (that's the cheapest I found
here), or spend X hours online, block the only phone line and pay ca. $2-$5 each
hour (though the blocked phone line is the greater problem).

Now, I am sorry if I caused you trouble. I'll try to get some more doc
(thanks for the advice to all who gave me links) now. Maybe most of my problems
will be dealt then

Again, thanks to all who replied to my posts - you were a great help.



> I guess this is the only list in the known universe where you
> can ask a q like this and not only not get flamed to a fritter,
> but actually get back a patient answer from a wizard, and one
> that actually helped me, at least, to see something I already
> thought I new in a usefully different light.
> (Juggy:)
> > > What does this <xsl:apply-templates...> really do? I read
> some
> > > doc about it, but I still can't grasp the concept of it.
> Isn't it's
> > > purpose to select things, such as <xsl:for-each>?
> (Mike K:)
> >
> > If you haven't understood xsl:apply-templates then you haven't
> understood
> > XSLT: it's rather fundamental.
> >
> > It selects the set of nodes identified by the XPath expression
> in the select
> > attribute, and for each of these nodes, it looks for the "best
> match"
> > xsl:template rule to apply to that node. The "best match" is a
> template rule
> > whose match pattern matches the node, and if there are
> several, the one that
> > has the highest precedence/priority.
> >
> > If there is no select attribute, it selects the children of
> the current
> > node.
> Michael Beddow
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