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Subject: RE: Xpath and copy-of
From: Kevin Williams <Kevin.Williams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 13:08:55 -0400
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> But as I read the XPath recommendation, child is an 
> expression and so is
> parent.
> Did I have some misunderstanding?

Location steps in XPath consist of an axis specifier, a node test, and zero
or more predicates. They can also take the form of an abbreviated step. Axis
specifiers may also have abbreviations. According to the spec (2.2), "child"
is an axis, so "child::" becomes an axis specifier. And we see in (2.5) that
".." is an abbreviated step - specifically, it is the abbreviation for
"parent::*". So a location step could be "child::*" or "..", but never

Hope this makes sense...

- Kevin

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