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Subject: RE: xslt editor features
From: "Paulo Gaspar" <Paulo.Gaspar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 01:40:43 +0200
Do not forget code completion, help tips to remind all the 
properties and, if you put XML editing too, code completion
according to a schema too.

(I am a very spoilled programmer!)

But first take a look at Notetab editor 
( and its "clipbook" libraries. One 
does a bit of what I said. You can find it at: 
under "XML Authoring". Download links:

Have fun,


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Subject: xslt editor features

I have tried to transform XML to nicely formatted html document
using some of the XSLT editors in the market (IBM, Excelon, etc.).

Most of these editors require good knowledge of XSLT. Since XSLT
is a complicated language, I have decided to build a GUI tool
which makes XML to HTML and WML transformations possible without
any knowledge of XSLT.

Before I invest the time and energy on this huge task, I want
to check with XSLT users to get the answers to the following

1. Is such a tool desirable? Would you love to have access to
such a tool?

2. What features are desirable in such a tool?

3. Anything else I should be aware of?

Your valuable  input will greatly influence the next generation
of XSLT editor.

Thanks a lot.

Manoj Agarwala
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