xsl quote thingy (last time hopefully!)

Subject: xsl quote thingy (last time hopefully!)
From: "Banker, Arjun" <arjun_banker@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 13:45:30 -0500
thanks for your suggestion, i'll perhaps try to pursue that technique you
i had one idea though, but am unsure as to how to implement it, and thought
that you could maybe aid me.
perhaps instead of doing an <xsl:value-of /> query i could instead do
something like <xsl:eval>fixStr(this)</xsl:eval> and then have a
corresponding xsl-function to insert \ marks before any ' or " mark it
finds.  unfourtunately, i am not terribly familiar with doing <xsl:script>
so i am unsure as to how I would implement it.
i've looked at a little, and thought it may start off like this...

function fixStr(e)
	var str=e.nodeTypedValue;
		//some code to insert \s into string appropriately

any ideas/comments/help?


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