escaping problems with URL

Subject: escaping problems with URL
From: juggy@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 22:07:20 +0200
Hi there,

I got some problems with saxon concerning URL and escaping, 
specifically "%". Since I didn't find a way (so far) to call saxon from 
within an asp-file, which would nicely solve those problems, I am 
trying to call it this way:


whereas %3d is for "=". Now, if I try to write this into my xsl-
stylesheet, my "%" always gets escaped, too. From the previous 
discussions (attribute ...escaping...) I gathered that "%" is always 
escaped. But I actually need to construct a link this way to pass 
parameters to saxon.exe.

Does anyone of you know how to do this? Or - even better - 
another way to call saxon, 'cause  Netscape always wants to save 



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