Re: Null Attributes Break xsl:key?

Subject: Re: Null Attributes Break xsl:key?
From: David_Marston@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 17:30:59 -0400
Bill Entwistle writes:
>I discovered that if you have a null attribute in your XML, then
>the xsl:key instruction fails to create any keys after the
>element with the null attribute.

I wrote one test case that shows that Xalan (1.0.1, Java version)
will correctly incorporate a null value into the keyspace, and
even key off it. I'll try to think up some more variations, but
the problem is clearly not pervasive in xsl:key.

>I tried to contact Apache about this, but they apparently don't
>allow mere users to access their bug reporting site (even though
>they advertise it widely)...

Right now, nobody's allowed in, no matter who they merely are.
I don't know when that problem will get fixed.
.................David Marston

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