RE: Using a tree read with document() as a hash-table

Subject: RE: Using a tree read with document() as a hash-table
From: Kay Michael <Michael.Kay@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:54:44 +0100
> My problem is that I need to look up a value in another 
> external XML file during XSLT processing, to include in the 
> generated output.
> I can read in the external file with the following lines
> <xsl:param name="packtypefile" select="packtype.xml" />
> <!-- Load the packtypes from the external file -->
> <xsl:variable name="packtypetree" 
> select="document(packtypefile)" saxon:trace="yes"/>

You want select="'packtype.xml'" on xsl:param
And select="document($packtypefile)" on xsl:variable
And saxon:trace on xsl:variable is ignored

> I have done a lot of trial-and-error, and have given up on 
> the following
>   <!-- First look up the packtype -->
>   <xsl:apply-templates 
> select="$packtypetree//ROW[packcode='GREEL']" mode="preview"/>
> to get "into" the node-set of $packtypetree, but without 
> visible results. 

It's essentially OK. Possible reasons for no visible results:
- there is no ROW with this packcode
- there is no template that matches it in mode "preview"
- the template that matches this row produces no output.

Mike Kay

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