ANN. Ux v 0.1

Subject: ANN. Ux v 0.1
From: Paul Tchistopolskii <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 23:35:31 -0700

The source code of Ux framework v 0.1 is available at

UNIX meets XML.


Ux is UNIX, revisited with XML.
There is Java instead of C.
There is XSL instead of sh / awk / perl.
There is XML instead of '\n' and comma-separated ascii files.

Ux is a consistent continuation of PXSLServlet project. PXSLServlet is a pipe of 3

Sql | Xml | XT

In this sense, Ux v 0.1 is a prototype implementation of some universal container for
pipes of unlimited length and complexity.

If you like, Ux also could be called "yet another open source XML/XSLT application
server", or "set of extensions to XT" or whatever.

My final goal is somewhat re-implementation of UNIX toolbox, re-visiting some concepts of
UNIX, XML, XSL and software development in general.

The goal of this a bit premature publishing of Ux is to find some other people who may be
interested in implementation of some well-known UNIX tools ( like diff, grep, sed, e
t.c. ) in XSLT.


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