Re: xml entities

Subject: Re: xml entities
From: Daniel Hinz <daniel.hinz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 13:06:55 +0200
Robert Koberg wrote:
> sorry if this is off topic... I am trying to get external entities to be
> styled by  xsl but I am running into a basic problem.
> I am wondering if someone can tell me how to do something like:
> <!DOCTYPE apage[
>     <!ENTITY logoid "0001">
>     <!ENTITY logo SYSTEM "sections/logo/l_xx_&logoid;.xml">
> ]>
> where the first entity defines a "variable" for the next entity.  This does
> not work as is, but if I take out SYSTEM it will give me the correct string.
> IS there a way to put variable information into a SYSTEM entity?

The XML spec says

[75] External ID ::= 'SYSTEM' S SystemLiteral | 'PUBLIC' S PubidLiteral
S SystemLiteral

The System Literal is a URI used to retrieve the Entity by the Parser
(or XML Processor).

No entities are allowed.

Thus, your Problem cannot be solved in this manner.

Use the document() function instead.


Daniel Hinz

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