Re: tree in 2 xml files

Subject: Re: tree in 2 xml files
From: Norman Walsh <ndw@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 19 Jun 2000 16:43:17 -0400
/ "Yasser El-Zein" <xsl_list@xxxxxxxxxxx> was heard to say:
| Can the wollowing case be implemented in XML?
| The element node (elmA) in the tree defined in (A.xml) is the root node of 
| the tree defined in (B.xml)

Uh, is this what you're after?


<!DOCTYPE foo [
<!ENTITY B.xml SYSTEM "B.xml">



There's no way to make both A.xml and B.xml *valid*, because you can't
embed a document that begins with a DOCTYPE declaration, but for
well-formed documents, this is one way to achieve what I think you're

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