Re: XSL FO to HTML Stylesheet

Subject: Re: XSL FO to HTML Stylesheet
From: "Nikolai Grigoriev" <grig@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 01:22:04 +0400
Jon Smirl writes:

> What do you think about doing a stylesheet from XSL-FO to SVG and then
> running the Adobe SVG plugin in the browser? This would allow accurate
> formatting, the mixing of SVG images, and browsing.

If we could convert XSL FO to SVG by a stylesheet, FOP/XEP/PassiveTeX would  be
all useless  ;-). SVG is a graphical format - svg:text element is only a single
line of text, so you have to calculate all line breaks, inter-line spaces etc.
before generating SVG. (An alternative solution suggested in SVG WD is to wrap
all text blocks into an XHTML foreignObject; this would bring us back to the
starting point - it is virtually equivalent  to producing HTML directly).

I think the current level of precision achieved by the stylesheet is quite
sufficient for browsing.  There's enough space for improvements - e.g. using
CSS2 instead of CSS1 in the output HTML. I am not sure if such a precision makes
much sense with currently available browsers.


Nikolai Grigoriev

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