Re: XLS files scrambling

Subject: Re: XLS files scrambling
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 02:11:29 +1200
George Prezerakos (ETG) wrote:

> >       The XSL files are invoked from within a Java servlet
> > (using Xalan and Xerces)
> >       I would like to scramble those files so that nobody
> > else can read them.
> > Why?
> Dear Linda,
> I believed that it was obvious. I have devoted time to develop
> the stylesheets and I don't want somebody else to just copy & paste.

Without even touching on the wonderful world of cut & paste and the
moral implications thereof...

Unless _I'm_ missing something here, if just anybody can read files on
your machine, you have larger issues than intellectual property!

You are doing the processing server-side, from files which (presumably)
are outside of web-root. If they're not, you can move them.
The servlet delivers the final HTML to the client, not the source code

At which point are you worried about folk reading your XSL? People
within your own company? 

However, If you plan on moving your XSL transform to the client sometime
in the future, then the question is like "How do I obfuscate my
super-clever HTML?". And believe me - that way leads to madness 
<MADNESS view="source"
href=""; />


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