Subject: RE: XML to WML
From: vinay <jvinay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 15:09:23 -0000

 Thanks for reply. I generated WML file by using XT (An implementation in Java of
 XSL Transformations) from XML and XSL files. I renamed WML file with a .xml extension
 and have seen in IE5. IE5 is displaying it properly because XML is superset of WML.
 My problem is to display it on any micro browser which supports only WML with 
 less no. of tags.

 Thankx & Regards

 Vinay Jaiswal
 Cognizant Technology Solutions

you don't need to convert the wml files to binary formats. all wml files i
generated were visible on the nokia TK, although it's a little easier to use simulator. first make sure that you can get the samples work by
loading them from the doc root. i think nokia takes file://c:yourpath and takes file:///c:path on windows machine (note the number of
slashes after file:). next serve the sample files from your web server for
which you must add the content type as mentioned in an earlier posting. next
generate your wml file and name that file with a .xml extension and see if
internet explorer can view those (i shouldn't use the word view since it
would show you the proper indentation etc. only), this should work because a
wml file is AN xml file also and browser should respond to wml file in the
same way as xml file once you use the .xml extension. this procedure might
help somewhat to track down the actual problem.


> I've run into the same behavior from the Nokia toolkit. I haven't
> investigated it but I think you're not supposed to send it "raw" WML. I
> think it may need to converted to a binary format first. The WAP simulator
> from will accept raw WML though.
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> > > Hi,
> > >  I'm using XT for transformation from XML to WML. But, I'm not able to
> > > write stylesheet for that. I've replaced all HTML tags to WML tags in
> > > for  transformation from XML to HTML. It gives WML file but
> the file is
> not
> > > able to be displayed on microbrowser (Nokia Wap Toolkit). Pl. help me.
> I'm
> > > new in the XML word.
> >
> >
> > Well, well the Nokia Toolkit. Be glad you didn't use the 'actual
> > product', which
> > just might force you to remove the batteries and reboot ;-)
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