Re: checking if child exists

Subject: Re: checking if child exists
From: "JB Blond" <pblond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 19:16:57 +0200
Why not try something like that :
<xsl:if test="boolean(item)">
<!-- use your node -->
or :
<xsl:when test="boolean(item)">
<!-- use your node -->
<!-- something else -->

Hope this helps...
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Subject: checking if child exists

> Hello...
> I wanted to know if there's a way with xslt (i'm sure there is) to check
> a child of a node exists. For eg.
> <somethingbig>
> <law>
> <parag n="1">yadda yadda yadda</parag>
> <parag n="2"><item nb="1">blah</item> <item nb="2">blaah</item></parag>
> <parag n="3">something else</parag>
> </law>
> </somethingbig>
> I need to check if there's the child node <item> and if it exists to show
> the value of it and if it doesnt exist... well to go on checking for
> Thanks in advance
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