Retaining '&' after transforming XML to HTML via XSL

Subject: Retaining '&' after transforming XML to HTML via XSL
From: Dweed@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 13:06:59 -0400
I would like to retain an ampersand ('&') in an HTML stream after a XSL
transformation is performed on an XML file.  The MSXML dll is used to
transform the XML.  The ampersand is contained in the xsl source file.  When
using the & or & entities, the result is & in the HTML stream,
not the '&'.  The & is unacceptable as the microbrowser interpreting the
resultant HTML will not recognize the entity. Use of an inline DTD to define
an entity doesn't seem to work in the MSXML parser.  The version of the
parser in use also does not support <xsl:text> or <xsl:copy-of>.  

Several months ago someone posted a clever scheme to "escape" the '&'
construct, which did indeed preserve the desired character.  However, I have
unfortunately deleted the message and cannot locate it in the archive.  
Thanks for any assistance.

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