Re: How to put a page break in XSL? If not, how to use XSL/CSS2 toge ther?

Subject: Re: How to put a page break in XSL? If not, how to use XSL/CSS2 toge ther?
From: Carlos Araya <elrond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 12:14:52 -0700 (PDT)
On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Xu, Xiaocun wrote:

|	I am using XSL to format XML into HTML.  I need to put page break in
|the resulting HTML so that it could be printed on printers.  How can I put a
|page break in XSL?  If not possible, I know that it is possible to put page
|break in CSS2.  I am new to XSL and CSS, how can I use the two together?
|Any other alternatives to put page break in?
	I don't think you can put page breaks in any kind of HTML
documents. You can break the documents into smaller documents and use each
document as a "page." You have to remember that XSLT converts the original
XML text into something else. I usually put my CSS in the HTML templates
that convert the XML into HTML. If you want to take a look, see

|	Also, is it possible to place a message box prompt in the middle of
|HTML?  I am printing formatted pick tickets, it needs to be stopped at
|certain points to prompt the user to load in the correct forms.  I don't see
|how this can be done without using multiple HTMLs.
	Again, that's not what XSL was designed for. You use XSL to
separate the content from the style. There's one document that has your
content marked up as XML and you have another content that has the format
of the XML document that you want to style/conver/choose your own
description of what XSL does. I think you could use EcmaScript/JavaScript
to do that.

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