xt:document equivalent in other XSLT processors?

Subject: xt:document equivalent in other XSLT processors?
From: Brian Young <Brian.Young@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:02:23 -0400

I am currently using James Clarks' XP/XT and am using the xt:document extension element.  This extension lets the result tree be sent to a different destination than the main destination.

Recently, I've started to evaluate alternatives to XP/XT for the product I am working on.  I am satisfied with XP/XT but am aware that it is not meant to compete with Xerces/Xalan or the Sun implementations in terms of regular updates to keep up with spec changes and the like.  I think all systems are go for switching to another XML parser/XSLT processor with the exception of this extension.

So, do Xalan or the (unreleased as of yet?) Sun implementations support similar functionality?  I consulted the XSL FAQ but the only example I could find for multiple output destinations used xt:document.  In addition, I could not find a documented extension for Xalan that offered this functionality.

   Brian Young

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