RE: [BEGINNER] XSL -> HTML tutorial and, or snipets of code ?

Subject: RE: [BEGINNER] XSL -> HTML tutorial and, or snipets of code ?
From: "Abhishek Srivastava" <abisheks@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 13:36:53 +0200
Check out

for a tutorial on XSL.


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Subject: [BEGINNER] XSL -> HTML tutorial and, or snipets of code ?


This question is  a very basic one.. sorry.

I use XSL in a Java/Cocoon/XML/XSL/WebPublishing 

I'm desesperately looking for a "real life oriented" 
tutorial and/or some pieces of code (like its possible
to find in the Javascript world).

There are a lot of (not a lot but some) XSL tutorials 
around but they are all (for those I've seen) either
"XSL philosophical principles" oriented, or basic 
principles oriented.

Say in an other way, I'm looking for a tutorial (or a book)
targeted at HTML coders that explains set by step how
to transform a HTML design in XSL.

For examples, what I look for is something that could 
explain how, starting from 
web pages content in XML files, I could end with XSL in
generating HTML pages.

I'm looking for this in a "piece of code" point of view
but also in a methodoly point of view (where to start,
how to separate work...)

Under some aspect what I'm looking for is somehow what
a product like XSPlit ( tries to do
automatically (but automatic tools are OK when you know
how to do it manually, but as its not my case I'm not
able to mess around with XSplit generated XSL)

Thanks in advance


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