Re: Loading an external file of index

Subject: Re: Loading an external file of index
From: Paul Tchistopolskii <paul@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 01:37:51 -0700
> > Ah - I forgot to write...  Of course there is no need in any PI's - just 
> > 
> > <xsl:variable name="loaded-doc"  select="document( 'some-uri-here')"/>
> > 
> > And then re-use $loaded-doc when you need it. 
>  This is not possible in XSLT because $loaded-doc is not a document
>  fragment, but only a node set. So I can't, for example, write

$loaded-doc is not 'only'  node set it is THE node set. 

You can get document fragment  ( I think you mean 
result tree fragment ) out of node set, but you can not 
get node set out of rtf ( .... well, you can ..... with 
xt:node-set or some other non-stadard thing ). 

In the world of XSLT - when you have node set ( and only 
then ) - you can do *everything* you want. When you have resul 
tree fragment - you are limited in the things you can do
( until you got the node-set out of rtf ;-)
>   <xsl:value-of select="$loaded-doc/*[1]"/>

What do you need in particular ? 

<xsl:value-of select="$loaded-doc/node()/*[1]"/>


I don't udnestand how can node set be not enough.

>  For this reason I suggested the PI.

The only reason for PI could be "cache this URI for all the 
stylesheets which will run on this client". ( Or "not cache
this URI..." ).  Whatever. 

Nobody will change anything in XSLT paper and I'm sure 
that MS will implement their own scheme for caching 
( like they currently do with XML files, looking inside the 
content, ignoring mime-types e t.c. ) And because there 
is only one browser with some XSLT support ( not to say 
that there is just one browser ) - this 'conformant XSLT 
caching'  issue looks very hypotetical to me. 

If some 100% conformat XSLT engine will try to do that
useless caching, I'l hack it around providing fake URI, 
like I'm doing it now with 
<IMG src=""/>
If engine is 'not conformant' - just fine, no need to bother 
with timestamp.



Talking about some  enterprize system which is using 
XSLT on client-side? Oh - come on .... 

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